Greetings! The CMC VA Project is excited to announce many important updates for the 2021 year. First, we would like to thank everyone for the TREMENDOUS work that has been devoted into this project so far. Secondly, we have announced many key new positions to the project. These positions include:

- New CMC VA Project Cofounder/Executive Chairperson

- CMC VA Project Supervisor/Chief Executives Manager

- CMC VA Project Secretary/Administrative Officer

- CMC VA Project Public Relations Officer

You can find these new positions under the "Meet the Executive Board" tab! This project has been growing since the founding of it, and to add onto the desired needs and interest of many people, we will be starting social media pages. You can find our new social media pages under this tab when they are created by the selected Public Relations Officer. Finally, we are going to announce three main 2021 projects for the year that will require lots of volunteering and help from you. There has been many ideas so far, but there hasn't been a set idea yet; PLEASE fill out this Google Form to let us get a better idea of some service work we may do for the 2021 year.

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